Become a Member of GEA

Membership Fees/Dues paid to the Greater Edmonton Alliance are a critical component of our capacity to work effectively for the common good. Fees and dues are not a payment to GEA, but more of an expression of commitment and gift to the organizations you are aligning with so we can imagine and create the kind of social justice that serves all of our members and their families.

GEA’s Fees/Dues Structure is based upon our budget, which is a practical statement of our mission to work together for the common good. GEA’s current budget is attached to this document, but in short comprises a philosophy of well paid professional organizers and support staff, a commitment to leadership development and low logistical overhead. GEA strives to challenge everyone to pay what is fair‐ no more and no less. The Fees/Dues structure is designed to meet the needs of the values that are the basis for the budget.

Fees/Dues Structure per institution:

Labour‐ $1/per member/year‐ minimum $1,500/year and maximum $20,000/year, unless you are a local belonging to a central that contributes an overall amount, in which case your dues are adapted.

Religious Congregations‐ ~1% of annual collections, with a minimum of $1500, unless your congregation is a part of a central that pays an overall amount, in which case your fees are adapted.

Religious Orders‐ $500‐ $1000 per year

Not for Profit‐ $1500‐$20,000 per year

Small Business groups‐ $500‐$1500

* A membership in GEA allows your organization ONE vote at delegates meetings and the ability for your members to participate in all issue work of the organization. Fees/Dues are not tax refundable.

**Donations, different from memberships, may also be made to the Greater Edmonton Alliance via our website or by mailing in a cheque.