Vision, Mission and Values

The Greater Edmonton Alliance is an inclusive non-profit, non-partisan, multi-issue organization, whose members are civil society institutions such as: faith institutions, business associations, unions and community groups.


A Greater Edmonton where all citizens:

  • participate effectively in the public decision-making process.
  • engage in informed, thoughtful and relevant dialogue and action around issues and concerns that shape their lives.
  • have the power to negotiate positive social transformation and hold government and market sector leaders accountable to the citizenry.
  • are rooted and supported in strong, diverse communities and public institutions.



The Greater Edmonton Alliance:

  • seeks out and develops leaders.
  • builds power by developing public, accountable relationships with and between individuals, institutions, networks and decision makers.
  • listens across it’s membership to identify issues of common concern .
  • researches common issues to discover opportunities for action.
  • takes disciplined, organized action to build resilient institutions and communities and a more just and equitable Greater Edmonton region.
  • engages in ongoing evaluation and reflection. 


GEA Values :

  • a moderate and collaborative approach to negotiation for the Common Good.
  • our personal stories and collective traditions.
  • imagination and action toward our preferred future.
  • the legacy we leave future generations.
  • principles of accountability, sustainability, fairness, dignity and respect.