Organizing for the Common Good

The Greater Edmonton Alliance (GEA) is ORGANIZED PEOPLE and ORGANIZED MONEY. Though we also raise private donor and foundation money, GEA operates primarily on money from dues and fees of member institutions. Our membership is made up of institutions including faith groups, unions, community organizations, and local businesses.

GEA builds leaders. Our main goal is to build leaders within our institutions that will become leaders in the community. We listen to the concerns and feelings of our diverse membership and then discern common ground from all of the unique voices to find issues that spark the passions that can be focused into specific and winnable action. Before GEA will take on an issue it must be relevant to a broad section of our membership, encourage the development of new leaders, have specific and winnable actions, and improve the community.

GEA is multi-issue. Over the last decade, our engaged membership has achieved major political wins in areas such as affordable housing and the creation of a comprehensive local food strategy; they have built relationships to help achieve positive change in seniors care; they have built a solid foundation for improving the Capital Region’s environmental sustainability; and we have organized huge numbers of people to show their support for these issues.

GEA organizes through relationships. We build relationships both within and outside of our institutions to learn where people’s passions lie, build power, and remain accountable. Personal face to face conversations and meetings are the most effective way to connect with our neighbours and fellow citizens and discover their interests, pressures, and hopes.

GEA is always looking for new potential leaders and new member institutions. GEA’s work to make the Greater Edmonton Region more just, equitable, and sustainable requires citizens, as well as community and institutional leaders, to step up and reclaim their place as decision makers in our world.

You can make a private donation to help support GEA and the work we do at the bottom of the page.  Or contact us to find out how your organization can become a member of GEA, participate in training or get involved.

To learn more about the Greater Edmonton Alliance, please explore our website and join our mailing list.