Sustainable Works – Edmonton

At the GEA delegates meeting on December 6, 2010 the results of the SustainableWorks Organizing Capacity Survey had been reviewed (along with other important considerations) by the SW Standing Committee, Debbie Hubbard (GEA 2010 Board Chair), and Laura Jeffries (GEA 2010 Lead Organizer).

The following recommendation was put to the delegates and unanimously approved:

“The Greater Edmonton Alliance SustainableWorks Team and newly identified interested parties will meet in the new year to build a SUSTAINABILITY TEAM. Between then and spring this team will consider building GEA’s organizing capacity to work with SustainableWorks in the future. Other potential actions around sustainability will be considered also. This means that GEA will not commit to being the lead neighbourhood organizing body for SustainableWorks at this time. “

It was decided then that Sustainable Works would end and a research group, the Sustainability Team, would form to come up with a new plan.  The Social Enterprise Fund, however, owned the rights to the feasibility study that had been done and they began shopping it around. A coalition was formed for a new body/company C Returns to take over with the intent of making a viable business out of what Sustainable Works had set out to do.

The Sustainability Team’s first goal will be to identify the common interests of the people that will make up this team and then come up with an achievable plan to improve the sustainability of the greater Edmonton area. This may include ongoing incubation of SustainableWorks in some form or could include work on other sustainability actions. Our course will be determined by the interests and passions of our team members.

Read about Sustainable Works – Reducing Utility Bills, Creating Green Jobs, Reducing Carbon

Sustainable Works was made possible by generous donations, grants and seed money by the following organizations:

  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers #424
  • Sheet Metal Local #8
  • United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters Local #488
  • Alberta EcoTrust Foundation
  • Social Enterprise Fund
  • Catherine Donnelly Foundation